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Need Expert Repairs For Your Inflatables?

909 Jumpers is your go-to inflatable repair expert. For over 15 years, our certified repair technicians have cared for and repaired inflatables, giving them new life and extraordinary longevity. We don't cut corners when it comes to safety. Every unit goes through a meticulous inspection to detect damage or vulnerable areas on the unit that could lead to future failures.

It only takes one bad story in the press…

We know it only takes one bad story in the press to hurt all of us in the industry. A do-it-yourself patch job that gives way when you least expect it or sealants applied incorrectly is all it takes to set the stage for disaster. That's why we're deeply invested in providing our repair services to anyone who needs it. We accept inflatable repair jobs from coast to coast. Whether you're a local competitor or a rental company on the other side of the country, we want to ensure your inflatables are safe.

What we do

We repair water slides, bounce houses, obstacle courses, and everything in between. Our certified repair team has over 15 years of experience repairing and servicing inflatables. When it comes to commercial inflatables, there is not much we haven't worked on through the years.

We inspect the damaged area for repair, but we also inspect the rest of the inflatable for areas that may have been missed. Whether caused by the same thing as the damaged area reported or an area that has weakened due to normal (and abnormal) use, our team can help find and deal with damage that hasn't happened yet. We often find seams that are getting ready to give out and are able to repair those at the same time. This will save you time and money from another trip to us (or shipping expenses) as well as time out of your rental inventory instead of being available to rent to your customers and generate income needed for your business. We discuss all of our findings as well as repair costs before we start work so there aren't any surprises when you come to pick them up.

Common repairs:

  • window replacements
  • blown baffles
  • seam failures
  • catastrophic damage from units falling off trailers moving at high speeds.

    Say Hello to Your Water Slide Repair Specialists

    Got a worn-out slide blanket? No problem. We can manufacture a new slide blanket so you can safely return your unit back to your inventory. Seeing dry rot? Is sand cutting into the seams of your unit, creating holes that let out the air and let in water? We've seen it all and know the correct way to resolve these problems.

    We never want to lose sleep at night worrying about a repair we did that could result in a child getting hurt. Our team takes safety that seriously. We will repair your commercial inflatable just as if it were one of our own. We have had our own children at parties with inflatables we have repaired for companies. We know that can happen again. Our repairs are done with that understanding in mind that level of care is taken.

    When you are in need of repairs for your inflatables, 909 Jumpers has the team ready to get them back in your rental inventory where they belong. Reach out to us today at 909-684-5867 to discuss how we can help you continue to be able to deliver smiles to your customers.

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